That seems to be the problem.

He was listening to the radio with his earphone.

Tell me what's going on.

Howard said that she would buy the flowers herself.

It has already been expained to you: a battle requires discipline and coordination.

I never listened to it.

Far away across the sea lies the sunny land of Italy.

The hat is yours.

I had my room cleaned.

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He tried to rationalize his foolish actions.

Damn burglar/thief.

Can I make a reservation?

Stay with him for a moment.

Raif and Edwin are about to get married.


Whose fault is that?

Make sure that all of you arrive at nine.

I have not heard from her since then.

I'm not much of an artist.

Takao feels much better now.

I believe Duke will do that.

It is preferable that she do it alone.


There's been quite a jump in the temperature.


Edward put on his sweater wrong side out.


The ceiling measures ten feet high.

Lucy is a student from America.

Brazil is the land of the future.

How much did you get out of the deal?

Where do you go to school?

He has a daughter who is pretty.

I don't have to use that right now.

Can any of this be true?

I try not to clutter up my room with junk.


Ozan is fantastic.

While getting off the bus, she heard her name called.

The police accused him of murder.

She added milk to the coffee.

Why was Wilmer so upset?


That isn't what I meant.

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I'm writing a letter to my daughter.


I did everything automatically.


Jinchao had no idea who Mott was.

Puppies love to chew on everything.

Isidore watched from a distance.

Ralph's self-absorbed and rarely asks Tony how she's going.

Tell Klaus to give Axel this.


Are you going to school tomorrow?

He has a heated swimming pool.

You've had all week to study.

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Let's hear the rest of the story.

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Woody doesn't seem to like anybody here.


Do you see what I see?

Billie is a remarkable person.

I think we're going to need a doctor.


Each of us is like the moon: there is a dark side of us that we do not let others see.


If we only wanted to be happy, it would be easy; but we want to be happier than other people, and that is almost always difficult, since we think them happier than they are.

The shy pupil murmured his answer.

We've been having strange weather the past few years.

When in doubt tell the truth. It will confound your enemies and astound your friends.

Roland hasn't been home in a week.

The ball bounced up high.

It's not that I don't love you, I just don't want to live with you.


What you said convinced me.

Tait said he saw Marion get into John's car.

I need to call the embassy.

A parasol is used during the summertime to shade the face.

I reassured him that I would not be late.

I have to go to the airport to meet Knute.

I don't expect that to ever happen again.

That's a very interesting topic.

He drew a straight line on the wall.


Those who understand evil pardon it.

I've been retired for three years.

Great thoughts come from the heart.

The assassin was immediately caught, put into a car and driven away from the crime scene.

I have visited Kyoto three times.

Barney cringed.

The word processor will save you a lot of trouble.


I've got to get to class.


The mountain is covered with snow all the year round.

Noemi can hardly speak French at all.

Will you have a little time this weekend to help me with my French?


QA team has discovered a serious bug. In consequence, it is recommended that all works be reviewed from the beginning.

She smiled.

If you're serious about solving the problem, then you cannot pose it as a Catch-22.

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He told me that he was very tired then.

My father fell ill because he worked too hard.

Raj often comes to see me on weekends.

I've already told everybody about what happened.

Darin got sick last weekend.

You don't have to do this anymore.

This is not a drill.


I already did that twice today.


You're here right now.

That's my song!

Sherman jotted something in his notebook.

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This medicine will give you some relief.

You should go in there.

Stagger sang a high note.

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Her father reluctantly consented to her marriage.

Angela told me you were busy.

I'm absolutely certain that you will not be declined.

They're two very different things.

I'm going to visit them.

The news article painted the defendant as a guilty man, even though he had been proven innocent.

Vesak is a Buddhist holiday which celebrates the birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha.


I have a visual.

How do I gain weight?

I really can't comment on that.


Have you went to Krasnodar before? It is a very popular resort for Russians, what, with all the beaches and the endless Black Sea.

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I wish I were there right now.

What do we need to know?

I don't sing.


Doctors give us information about our health.

That quilt is really quite a piece of work with all its fine craftsmanship.

I'm missing you more than ever.

This is my hat in the summer.

This is the man whose daughter you met yesterday.


We are strong together.

He is tall, fat and always busy.

I have experienced the things I taught you.

Do not play with the key.

Murray left without paying the bill.

Nick wants answers.

I will sleep until it is half past eight.


Did Amarth say where?

Stanislaw wasn't sure whether Sid was still asleep or not.

Just don't stop.

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This sentence allows for multiple interpretations that I need to consider when translating.

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He will spend the next four years in the jungle, engulfed in mud and filth.

The girl asked her father to read the book to her.

Timo wants to speak to Bernard alone.


I don't need to go to college.


We've already discussed that.

I don't want to antagonize Kikki.

We were two, but only had one heart.


Masanao could barely breathe.

Don't put words in my mouth that I haven't said.

He came home late last night.

Donna doesn't understand modern technology.

At first, I thought it might be a serious problem.

Wilson was competitive.

Can I make you some pancakes?


The soldiers obeyed their commander without question.

I can't believe Guy and Corey used to date each other.

I'll pay thirty dollars for it.

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I have no clue.

I've decided to ask Leo if she'll marry me.

Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic solo.

Everyone smiled at them.

They moved ahead slowly.

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There was a calm after the storm.

I'll bring you the bill immediately.

Is it a good material?

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In English, we use a decimal point instead of a comma.

Take any books that you want to read.

She sang better than him.

Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

Raymond's new shirt shrunk when he washed it and now it doesn't fit.